Project Name

Kawaihoa Residence


Private Homeowner


Maunalua, Honolulu, Oʻahu





Interior Design


This 10,000-square-foot private residence was designed as a modern interpretation of indigenous island architecture and a way to connect the occupants to nature, the region, and its culture. Rather than orienting the house directly to the view, the home’s living spaces are set at an angle, resulting in glancing coastal views that reveal the visual drama of the natural setting. The home is organized as a series of interlocking yet separate hale (pavilions), with the resulting spaces between the hale becoming as important to the experience as the hale themselves. Exterior materials were selected for their natural beauty and durability, as well as their contribution to the minimalist aesthetic and quiet sense of restraint. Meeting the spirit of the traditional roof,  hipped roofs were used for the individual pavilions. Landscape plantings contributes to the exotic, yet ultra-simple aesthetic. Reflecting pools work their way in and around the pavilions, further enhancing Zen-like aesthetic and adding to the calming influence living among water elements.