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The Office of Hawaiian Affairs


Kūkaniloko, Wahiawā, O‘ahu


300 acres


DTL  |  ‘Āina Archaeology  |  Hika'alani

The Kūkaniloko Birthstones is one of the most sacred sites in Hawaiʻi. The five-acre site is the piko (center, naval cord) of Oʻahu where the highest-ranking aliʻi (royalty) were historically born. These stones and the surrounding areas were places of learning for kahuna (ex­perts), lua (martial arts), kilo (observations) and other cultural practices.


As one of our most sacred wahi pana, Kūkaniloko deserves the highest degree of respect and planning rigor. Any shaping of its future will require the vision and guidance of ancestral knowledge and the ‘ike of Hawaiian resource management and land use. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) recognized that planning for a significant area such as the 511-acres surrounding Kūkaniloko required a process that would delve into understanding the place and the people who interact with it. The OHA Wahiawā Lands Master Plan looks to create a place of intimacy between ‘āina and kānaka. Communal spaces play an important role in the success of a city and it’s inhabitants. They become the foundation to which those living and visiting in the area come together and communicate. They offer opportunities to embrace the history and culture of the area and bring the community together using the common bonds of life, food and culture. This master plan focuses on embracing the history and culture of Wahiawā by bringing community together through regeneration of the land, food security, cultural education and the design of desirable spaces.

OHA Kūkaniloko Master Plan
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