Project Name

Maui Brewing Co. Waikīkī 


Maui Brewing Company


Kaluaokau, Waikīkī , Oʻahu





Interior Design


Maui Brewing Company’s new flagship restaurant venture in Waikīkī, is their first establishment outside of Maui Island. Fronting Kalākaua Avenue in the Outrigger Beachcomber Hotel, the 20,000 sf third floor space was renovated to connect the outdoors in and people on the street with the excitement up in the restaurant. A mixture of the industrial pub styled interior blends in with art by local artists and cultural references that tell different stories of the place and the company. The kinetic façade that is the main image of the restaurant, blows and flutters in the wind. It’s geometric and fluid pattern represents the many stories of Māui.


Whether it looks like the kapa patterns of his mother Hina, for whom he slowed the sun for; or the feathers of an ‘alae (Hawaiian mudhen) whom Māui stole the secret to fire from; or the fish scales of Pimoe, a great ulua that escaped Māui and his brothers whom wound up pulling the islands up from the ocean floor; or flickers of the sun across the ocean’s surface, the cultural and symbolic imagery create an icon along Kalākaua.