Project Name

Maui Brewing Co. Kīhei 


Maui Brewing Company


Kīhei, Kēōkea, Maui





Interior Design


Maui Brewing Company built their Kīhei facility a decade ago and have grown it into the largest brewery facility in the state. When they first built the plant, they had always intended to have a restaurant on site, we were happy to share their brand through this design. The restaurant is located in a large warehouse space in the brewery. Here, the concept is about paying respect to the process and craft of brewing, the honesty in ingredients, and the rural countryside of Maui. The two graphic walls that flank either side of the bar are inspired by MBC’s can art. These motifs represent the main ingredients in beer and help tie the story to other MBC locations. This attention to the ingredients relates to the brewery and the farming on Maui. The vertical screen that divides the bar space is a sculptural motif that represents wheat, barely, and  kapa beaters in Hawai‘i.