Project Name

Maui Brewing Co. Kailua


Maui Brewing Company


Keahupuaʻanui, Kailua, Oʻahu





Interior Design


The concept behind Maui Brewing Company’s Kailua location celebrates the surrounding local neighborhood, history and context. One mo‘olelo that is central to this location’s design revolves around a boy with a magic stick that attracted throngs of fish from Kawainui’s waters to a secret pool up mauka. The story tells of the abundance of the valley and how the wetlands must be remembered and cared for. A throw net sculpture hanging from the bar restaurant’s exposed ceiling is a metaphor for the abundance and joy that this neighborhood bar offers to the community. Guests are drawn in from afar by this feature element that drapes over the bar and creates a screen effect. Tips of the rope are also painted to coincide with MBC’s branding colors. Local artist were commissioned to paint large, floor-to-ceiling murals to further tell the mo‘olelo of Kailua, from pali to makai.