Project Name

Kapālama Canal
Catalytic Project


The City & County of Honolulu


Mokauea, Kapālama, Oʻahu




Master Planning

The Kapālama Canal Catalytic Project is based on various community plans supported by the City & County of Honolulu. Kapālama Canal Catalytic Project seeks to elevate the perception of water from that of being a threat to that of being a community resource. WCIT Architecture was brought on as a planning consultant to the city for the Kapālama Canal Catalytic Project in doing extensive research on physical, environmental, social, and economic factors to plan for improvements to the canal and surrounding areas. The project team is analyzing the data, identifying assets and liabilities and incorporating community ideas and concerns through a series of outreach meetings with individuals, community groups, organizations, and government agencies. Currently, the project is proposing to add a linear park to the area, complete with new open spaces, waterfront promenades and a pedestrian bridge. Twenty million dollars has already been set aside for the project for the design and construction phases. The design and planning team are exploring waterfront promenades, gathering places, complete street improvements to Kokea and Kohou streets, green infrastructure, and water quality improvements.