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17105 HGVC Kona Mountain 18-1019 (14 of 58).jpg


Hilton Grand Vacations


Kālia, Waikīkī, O‘ahu


1,500 sf


Interior Design

In this multi-use work café, abundant collaboration space and ample natural light were two must-haves; better access to technology, more flex spaces and meeting furniture that readily doubles as café furniture. 


The HGV Kona Mountain is an existing, approximately 1500sf space located at the Grand Waikikian. The project consists of the conversion of this former coffee shop into an adjunct meeting café for the Lagoon Tower and Grand Waikikian Sales Centers.

The first thing someone might think when they hear ‘work café’ is that it is a place to go and eat or relax with a cup of coffee or tea. While work cafés should be designed with the feel of your favorite coffee house, they do much more. By providing a varied palette of settings, employees can hold team meetings over lunch or have impromptu brainstorm sessions in a casual, inspiring environment with an array of meeting pod options. Some more private than others, these meeting spaces recreate a relaxing lounge environment that would otherwise feel too formal. A bonus is the work café is flexible enough to have available space, so employees should not have to worry about booking that elusive, last minute conference room for possible clients.

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