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Ohana Real Estate Investors


Waipa, Hanalei, Kaua‘i


65 acres


Master Planning

Located on a steep ridge above Hanalei Bay, the Hanalei Plantation Resort was built in the 1960s with 50 cottages and 162 rooms. It was later transformed into Club Med, which shut its doors for good in the 1980s. 


Real Estate Investors LLC is seeking to develop the property, including building a “village-like” hotel overlooking a revitalized ancient fish pond behind Puu Poa Beach, and residences on the ridge above. Rooted in Culture, Ecologically Mindful, Uniquely Hanalei.  These three guiding principles were infused into the project as the mission, from the Project Team, community, consultants, former employees and ownership team.  More importantly these goals also guided much decision making as well as the design and feel of the project.  The project was situated around distinct micro-environments that included mauka, kula and makai experiences for the user and community.  The primarily residential & resort destination is situated around the restoration of a living wetland, flanked by the largest native Hawaiian fishpond on the island dating back 600-years.  The kuapā rock wall, now mostly buried by sand and thick vegetation, is about 1,000 feet long, 20 feet wide and was built around 1400 A.D. Aside from architectural & engineering consultants, this masterplan team included consultation with US Army Corps of Engineers, botanists, biologists, fishpond experts, hydrologists and the like.  The new project will strive to minimize impacts, while creating a viable wetland ecosystem that contributes toward a healthier Hanalei.

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