Project Name

First Hawaiian Bank ʻAiea


First Hawaiian Bank


ʻAiea, Kalauao, Oʻahu





Interior Design

Banking has evolved since First Hawaiian Bank's Pearlridge branch was built in the 1980’s, and this evolution necessitates rethinking why people visit banks and how they bank. Highlights of this renovation include a new open & active lobby, lounge area, various office and meeting spaces, and an employee lounge. Instinctive wayfinding in the lobby by use of patterns and textures eliminates the need for stanchions. Additionally, artwork by local artists are located at anchor points within the branch to celebrate its history and place. The rich and vibrant material palette of the new space along with its furniture and finishes, is inspired by the bold and strong flow of the Kahuawai waterfall that was once found along the nearby Kalauao Stream. Patterns and textures throughout the space allude to the rich ahupua‘a system and its waters, the area’s agriculture, and the legend of the guardian sharks of the nearby Pu‘uloa (Pearl Harbor).