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Duke's Waikīkī


TS Restaurants


Kālia, Waikīkī, O‘ahu


1,500 sf


Interior Design

Duke’s Surf Shop sells branded Duke apparel, such as t-shirts and tank tops, as well as more functional items like wetsuits, rashguards and Hydro Flasks, right next door to Duke’s Waikiki at The Outrigger Waikiki Beach.


Duke Kahanamoku was a native Hawaiian, a six-time Olympic swimming and water polo medalist, the father of modern day surfing, and the Hawaiian ambassador to visitors and dignitaries. In his lifetime, Duke traveled all over the world and introduced people to the Hawaiian lifestyle and the sport of surfing. Today there are six Duke’s Restaurants each on unique, spectacular waterfront sites. We invite our guests to experience a welcoming blend of Pacific inspired flavors with menus that are playful, vibrant and locally sourced whenever possible. We have a passion for Aloha – fun, friendly, enthusiastic service and our commitment is to make you a long-lasting, loyal customer and friend.


The new Duke’s Surf Shop elevates the restaurant brand to a new level as guests will have the chance to fully see and experience our entire collection of Duke’s keepsake item. As the restaurant transports customers back to the golden years of Waikiki Beach, Duke’s Surf Shop embodies the future of Kahanamoku’s legacy as guests will be able to take a tangible piece of our brand wherever they go, for years to come.

Duke's Surf Shop
Duke's Waikīkī Surf Shop
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