Project Name

OHA Kaka‘ako Makai
Development Master Plan


Office of Hawaiian Affairs


Kaʻākaukukui, Nuʻuanu, Oʻahu




Master Planning

Our kūpuna regarded Kūkaniloko as O‘ahu’s geographic and spiritual piko. It is rightly viewed as one of the most sacred places in Hawai‘i. Generations of ali‘i were born upon the site’s birthstones and consecrated in the presence of the highest-ranking ali‘i. It is a place steeped in their mana. The ali‘i said to have been born at Kūkaniloko include: Kapawa, La‘amaikahiki, Mā‘ilikūkahi, Kalanimanuia, and Kākuhihewa. The 511-Acre Property in Wahiawā is considered a Legacy and Programmatic land holding.  Thus, the Legacy Land program focuses on the holistic value of site (social, cultural, environmental, and ecological) and considers revenue-generating components in an effort to adhere to OHA’s fiscally responsible intention, however in this case, revenue generation serves as an ancillary function to the social and ecological impacts of OHA’s mission.


Lālā ‘Ike Pono a Kūkaniloko Working Group has also recommended that OHA’s 511-acres of land surrounding the Kūkaniloko Birthing Stones should be referred to as Ka‘ili‘ili a Kapuahuawa – a reference to the stones and the ali‘i who were said to have been born at this wahi pana. There are two business model concepts – a school and nursery/greenhouse – that were recognized by the Working Group as being potentially viable options to support the vision and mission of Kūkaniloko.  These instances have either proven successful at the locations and or have been studied in detail by subject matter experts and should be explored further at Kūkaniloko.