Project Name

Ala Moana Regional Park
Master Plan


City & County of Honolulu

Parks and Recreation


Kālia, Waikīkī, Oʻahu




Master Planning

As one of the premiere parks and historic spaces in the Honolulu’s “Lei of Green”, Ala Moana Regional Park, the “People’s Park”, has remained a beloved community space for generations without significant improvements in nearly 80 years.  To help expand short term enhancement projects into a long term vision for the park, the team proposed a mixture of new recreational amenities balanced with the preservation and refurbishment of the core historic structures anchoring the park.


Looking forward, the design team studied various alternatives to address long-term improvements to the park in support of sustaining the park’s iconic scenery and role as a recreational resource within a growing city. The team engaged in a comprehensive data gathering phase examining feedback from more than 50,000 website interactions and dozens of stake holder interviews along with workshops for both the public and various city departments.  Based on initial responses, a strategic plan was developed focusing on three fundamental classifications of improvements; restoring existing features to preserve the celebrated character, activating areas of the park that are currently underutilized, and further enhancing well-used elements.